“Whether you’re well established or just getting started, Laconic can help tell your story.”

Half of the people in our beautiful world never knew a life without the Internet. Of those, how many do you think are using social media on a daily basis? Yea, we thought so. We’re betting your target market is waiting online to engage in a conversation with you.

Social media is here to stay; user engagement is increasing multifold every day. You may not have an online plan of action, but we’re betting your competitor does, main reason why you should get help from True North Social.

Our strategy is a little different. We like the idea of working backwards.

We start with defining your current clients so we can target similar people in online communities. (No doubt, you already have a wealth of information about your customers that will lay the foundation for a killer social media plan. Let’s take advantage of that.)

Then, we find and engage them. As customers reveal their “personality type,” we tailor conversations to gain maximum involvement. We also continue to look for fans, supporters, evangelists, advocates – call them what you like—who will not only spread the word about your business, but will shout it out!

Even more than that, we monitor, measure, and adjust. We monitor how to sell on amazon and what’s being said about you in the online world so you can respond and react. We measure results to calculate a return on investment.

We adjust to make certain you are maximizing your social network. Build trust in your online brand. Brand loyalty. Brand Buzz.