Art Blog: WordPress or Blogspot?

By November 7, 2008Featured

So you’ve realized that a blog might be the path to expanding your art-creation-based-lifestyle. You want to attract people in droves to look at your art, listen to what you had for lunch, and give you input on your projects. One way to do this is to have a blog, but not just any blog, you want a relatively successful one, and one that gives you the flexibility you need as an artist. You change your mind all the time, and are obsessed with layouts. You like muted colours one minute and vibrant ones the next. So what are you to do, should you be a WordPress experimentalist or a Blogspot pro?

I’ve used both and feel that I can give you a true recommendation on what would be best for you as an artist or creative designer.

The facts are these, there are thousands of blogs that call Blogspot home and hundreds that have daily readership, comment boards that are jam packed with responses to posts, and provide worthy info or breaking news in the world of sports, entertainment, etc. However, I’ve found that every Blogspot blog I come across appears dated, uninspired and a carbon copy of someone else’s. Face it, if you can’t find a way to separate yourself from the herd, you have no way to set yourself apart. On top of that you also have the evil ‘’ URL which can really give you an unfavourable stereotype. Let’s make this geography become irrelevant.

Blogspot has recently allowed users to create their own domain, or use their Blogspot on their FTP, which is helpful but in some cases you will be stranded with the boring layouts, the non Web 2.0 look and still a stereotype. As an artist, if you’d like to be cutting edge you should definitely check out WordPress.

Using and learning WordPress for the first time is an uphill battle and one that might lead to a frustrating bout with your computer. You’ll find the experience rewarding in the end with your final product. You’ll be left with something that is truly yours and completely adaptable to what you want to convey, whether its content, art, pictures, video, etc. The reason I said frustrating earlier was because of WordPress’ reliance on CSS and PHP, and if you haven’t had any experience with these types of languages, you will be in for a rocky ride if you want to customize it. If you don’t want to customize it, you can simply get a theme and jump right in, add widgets and be on your way.

I would strongly suggest if you are a novice or beginner, stick with and you can be posting and adapting your blog within 15 minutes, posting content and trying to come up with clever ways to make your blog successful but you will have a stereotype as a novice who can’t make the leap to having your own website. With WordPress you will be able to adapt your blog into a true website, and widgets/plugins that allow you to become successful on Google, count your visitors, share your content with others and tag posts with ease, there is a steep learning curve though. While neither system is perfect, both have advantages and disadvantages yet WordPress seems the route for the entrepreneur in all of us.

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