Laconic Design is a comprehensive and forward thinking design firm based out of Guelph, Ontario. We welcome you to our Free Download area. There is nothing exclusive about this collection, feel free to invite your friends, share the link and use these freebies how you like. This collection is intended to be updated quite frequently so check back. In case you haven’t guessed yet, we design artwork for an array of industries and over the last four years we’ve accumulated a large library of common design elements that we keep handy. We are making those elements available to you and of course only give away our favourite resources.

Feel free to let me know how this collection has helped your photography, publications or desktop stand out, in a crowd filled with millions upon millions of photos and design resources.


What software do I need to use these free downloads and art resources?

You’ll need  industry-standard design software to use our products. Lightroom Presets must be opened with Adobe Lightroom.


What am I allowed to do with items downloaded?

You can use our products on designs that you are working on such as logos, apparel designs, posters, digital art, web sites, etc. If it’s a printed product, it’s alright to use our products. If a client hires you to design something, it’s OK to use our products in their design. It’s OK to design a t-shirt and then later sell that shirt as part of a clothing line. These are how our products are supposed to be used. Royalty free, always!


What am I not allowed to do with items downloaded?

You are not allowed to resell, repackage, share, give away, or redistribute our products in any way, for free or for sale. Basically you are not allowed to make the original source files (or high res images) available. You are not allowed to use our products in any type of website that allows users to create their own designs unless given express written permission.