Laconic Develops New Brand for BDCC

By January 20, 2009News

BDCC’s new look represents different components and brings together the true elements of Brooks and the County of Newell. We at Laconic are extremely proud of this logo. The fountain in the foreground is symbolic of the water wealth in the area as well represents the fountain in Lake Stafford adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway which acts as a significant gateway/landmark to Brooks. The fountain can also be interpreted as a wheat sheath or prairie grass signifying a strong agricultural sector. The last component of the logo is the yellow trapezium which represents the large area of the BDCC, the colour yellow represents wealth, fortune and energy and the dark blue represents knowledge, power and integrity.

“Laconic Design’s aim was to bring some modernity to the BDCC’s publications and overall look.”

This new logo and branding strategy was created by Laconic Design, based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta under the supervision of Tracy Acorn, Manager of the Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce. It was noted that while there was a definitive logo being used, publications created by the BDCC did not have a cohesive look, and producing a new logo/brand would be productive. Once a new logo was decided upon, the same look could be refined for all of the BDCC’s publications and resources used daily. The BDCC is seen as a fulcrum organization where integrity and knowledge of today’s modern business practices thrive, thus a new modern look is a logical goal.

Laconic Design felt that a professional, simple and robust look was fitting. Today’s professional organizations are seeking new, vibrant looks not only as a re-inventing of their organization, but as a chance to get some new attention from constituents. The representation of water, the fountain, yellow and blue allows the BDCC to have a more simplistic yet powerful look.

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