DB Connections Website Development – SEO and Marketing

By August 7, 2009News

DB Connections is a mobile phone dealer based out of Waterloo, Ontario and has hired Laconic to design a brand new website with an emphasis on individual product libraries allowing potential customers to easily browse through their offerings. Besides cellular phones, DB Connections also offers GPS units and Hands Free Car Kits. We aim to provide a great new home for DB Connections and hope to increase their marketing efforts through great design and increased SEO. According to the best seo reseller They’ve been serving Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo since 1987, offering great cellular products as well as full installation of any Hands Free Car Kit. Seeing as driving does require you to have your full concentration on the road ahead. It is very essential that your mind does not wander anywhere else. Good thing that Parrot and BlueAnt both have become a specialist in Bluetooth hands-free technology, both companies have product lines sold by DB Connections. There are many companies out there claiming that they can help you with marketing your business, but really the best one out there that I highly recommend is the Search Engine Optimisation Service Brisbane. They can help you with any of your marketing needs as soon as you need them to. 

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