City of Medicine Hat Area Plan Maps

By June 6, 2009News

Laconic was thrilled in October, 2008, when we were contacted to design several maps for the City of Medicine Hat’s Draft Flats Area Redevelopment Plan. This was an expansive project and dealt with a number of different concepts for a community that will be dramatically shaped and changed over the next 20 years. Planning Building and Development Services has stated that in the next two decades, the Flats community (which is adjacent to downtown Medicine Hat) could accomodate up to 3,500 new residents by sensitively-integrating new residential, commercial, office, tourism/educational-related and civic uses.


“This is the basis for future redevelopment of an already historically unique community into a livable and thriving community for it’s residents, workers and tourists.”


The Draft Flats Area Redevelopment Plan presents a comprehensive vision for the future development of the Flats community and the maps Laconic created will serve as a blueprint. We are proud of these accomplishments and were happy to give back to the City of Medicine Hat.

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