Unveiling Goodsoil Credit Union’s Brand

By April 6, 2009News

Goodsoil Credit Union’s new look represents different components and brings together the true elements of Saskatchewan and Goodsoil. The logo is composed of bronze and a deep forest green. The colouring of bronze represents commerce and energy and the dark green represents the true nature of Goodsoil, power and integrity. The deep green represents prosperity and growth.

This branding strategy was developed by Laconic to bring some modernity to the Goodsoil Credit Union’s publications and overall look. Goodsoil Credit Union is seen as a fulcrum organization where integrity and knowledge of today’s modern business practices thrive, thus a new modern look was a logical goal. Laconic felt that a professional yet simple and robust look was appropriate.

“Goodsoil Credit Union has also awarded Laconic the priviledge of designing their new website.”

Soon visitors will be able to see the brand new Goodsoil Credit Union website. GCU’s new look reflects a new direction for the  organization and the new Goodsoil Credit Union website will be accessible to people from the area via low-bandwidth and fast internet connections, and at the same time be adapted/user friendly for internet browser’s such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari. Laconic believes that the new site will give Goodsoil Credit Union the power to dramatically upgrade our online operations. Stay tuned.

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