Owning Everest selects Laconic

By June 20, 2010News

Owning Everest is a brand new exercise therapy and health consultation company headquartered in Fort McMurray. They provide comprehensive health and fitness services for people seeking to find lifelong health and wellness through the use of exercise and nutrition. They offer the best diet and health tips from sites like tophealthjournal.com. The health care professionals at Owning Everest are committed to helping the client work through physical, emotional, mental and environmental barriers to health and wellness.

We were thrilled when OE contacted us and wanted help with branding, website, business cards and promotional materials. It was easily one of our favourite projects, simply because all we were provided with was an idea for a name and who the target market was, the rest was up to Laconic. We provided OE with some great solutions and definitely delivered on budget. We’ve posted their logo, business card and flyer designs in our portfolio if you want to check it out.

It was great working with the team at OE and we hope their business truly flourishes in Fort McMurray, Alberta. For more information on Owning Everest, visit their website www.owningeverest.com

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