Quarantine Restraints Ltd. Hires Laconic

By June 18, 2010News

Quarantine provides some of the best industrial grade restraint systems on the market and all products manufactured by Quarantine Restraints Ltd. are of the highest quality to conform to all current legislation and regulations. Quarantine Restraints Ltd. will develop its products to meet and exceed all current transportation requirements and is committed to provide products to meet such regulations as those specified for Alberta Transportation 2010.

“Quarantine sets the standard in high end Engineer Rated pick-up cargo restraints.”

As cargo securement nets become the topic of discussion in today’s safety-conscious society, tougher cargo securement regulations are already being considered. In many provinces and states throughout North America, police are handing out hefty fines for improper load securement. For instance, by the year 2010 in the province of Alberta, an operator of a pick up truck will be not only responsible for cargo securement, but be required to use an approved cargo restraint net that has a working load limit indicated on the product. Quarantine Restraints Ltd. aims to maintain the highest cargo securement standards in all its products and be a leader in the area of vehicle regulations as they pertain to cargo safety and securing cargo. Laconic knows that the staff at Quarantine are well on their way to making their products more accessible across North America and a strong marketing partnership will only make this vision a definite reality.

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