THESKYLIFE Recruits Laconic for New Album

By June 18, 2010News

Laconic designed a couple posters and small marketing publications for THESKYLIFE in Autumn of 2008 but now they are back with a brand new disc and have commissioned Laconic to design it. We are excited about this amazing opportunity and it should be ready shortly, in fact the actual disc itself hits select shelves and merch tables in late-September.

THESKYLIFE is based out of Edmonton, Alberta and incorporates melodies of bands like Copeland, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. Blending a foundation of acoustic guitar similar to Dashboard with electric guitar and synth similar to that of Angels & Airwaves.

Members of THESKYLIFE are:

  • Justin Carter (vox, guitar, electronic rythms)
  • Bobby Kuhl (Back Vox, piano, Synth)
  • Josh Steffen (Drums)
  • Dwight Werbicki (Bass)
  • Daniel Hooft (Lead Guitar)

Their new album is entitled “Roots and Wings” and as stated previously, drops on September 26th, 2009. Stay tuned for the disc design.

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