Discover Goals and Objectives

The first step is opening up the communication channels. We seek to understand and engage your business goals, project objective, and outline a statement of work (SOW) with you. It all begins with our preliminary consultation where we can proceed with a formal proposal.


Project Planning / Organization

The project planning phases allows us to setup our game plan. We utilize a variety of questionnaires, checklists, and planning measures to align our goals with your own. It is critical we outline all aspects of your project together to make sure we are speaking the same design language.


Design Concept

Once our blueprint is established we begin with a wireframe, sitemap, and site outline. Our designers carefully begin crafting a design concept that embodies the goals we’ve outlined, while also designing a fabulous and visually immaculate front-end look & feel.


Website Construction

After our design concept is approved, we begin construction. We set up a project plan including specific tasks and milestones so that project benchmarks are planned and coordinated. Configuring servers, installing the CMS, XHTML/CSS markup, and building your various web pages.


Testing, Testing, Testing and then Launch

Before your website is officially deployed, we run it through rigorous testing to ensure cross-browser compatibility, functionality, and usability. We then transition from the staging phase to the production phase, and clear it for take-off!


Support and Maintenance

We offer quality ongoing support services through a variety of avenues: Analytics analysis, PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, Social Media Maintenance, Security checks / updates, Website Backups and integrity reviews. The web is always evolving, and we’re there every step of the way.