“Will Laconic take on my large/small project?”

The size of your company or project is not an issue. In fact, we have completed successful projects for large corporations as well as bootstrapping startups. The flexible nature of our design team allows us to provide top design talent tailored precisely to your budget.

“How much is it going to cost?”

We quote each project on an individual basis, customized to your exact needs. Our emphasis is providing you with a totally unique solution and solving problems with flexibility and longevity that make your investment a great value in the long run.

“How long does a project take to complete?”

An initial meeting will be set to discuss your needs and scope of your project. Based on this initial meeting with you, a detailed proposal including a timeline will be presented.

“Do you work with clients outside of Toronto and Ontario?”

Absolutely. We have successfully partnered with clients in Alberta, throughout Western Canada, as well as the east coast, central United States, and all sorts of locations in between. The key to this arrangement is our superior project management system. You will be provided with various methods of contact, and will be connected to all aspects of the project regardless of your geographical location.

“Sounds great. How do we begin?”

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, and are able to help you define your project scope and budget. Visit the contact page to provide some information about your project and request a proposal.