Maps, Drafting & Cartography

By July 21, 2009Services

Mapping for Business, Government, and Real Estate.

Mapping for Government

We have provided mapping services to all levels of public organizations, from small school districts to the municipal governments. A common request is the representation and interpretation of boundary information.

Mapping for Real Estate and Planning

Laconic has an expanding coverage of mapping that is used daily in the real estate industry, from planning to engineering uses. Much of our mapping is structured to facilitate the exchange of data between our mapping and GIS data.

Let Us Represent Your Data

Our maps allow for the coherent display of your information. Your sites, your competitor locations, your potential locations, and your boundaries all take on a unique visual perspective when represented on a Laconic base map. We have thousands of proprietary layers on file that are maintained for numerous agencies and individuals.

Custom-Designed Map Graphics

A custom map can communicate exactly the ideas that you want. We blend the use of electronic publishing, CAD and GIS, to facilitate the compilation of such maps. These maps are perfect as downloadable web graphics.

Map Conversion (Vectorization)

We can selectively and carefully vectorize your historical drawings in a variety of GIS and CAD formats. Our software allows for efficient vectorization of the raster using sophisticated line following routines.

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